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GATINEAU, October 15, 2017 – The chapter of an extraordinary adventure ended today as the horticultural exhibition MOSAÏCANADA150 / Gatineau 2017 welcomed its last visitors to Jacques-Cartier Park.

“MosaïCanada150’s sculptures amazed more than a million people for Canada 150. Congratulations to the organizers, and thank you for sharing your passion with us during this special year!” stated the Honourable Mélanie Joly, Minister of Canadian Heritage.

Over 600 volunteers, 350 employees and contractors have taken part in one of the biggest successes and most spectacular events presented during the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation. One hundred seven continuous days of show – rain or shine - and less than 18 months of planning will have allowed Mosaïcultures Internationales de Montréal to present a unique exhibition that will be a great legacy to Canadians, becoming a part of our country’s history forever.

“Thanks to the on-going collaboration and exceptional contributions from our partners, volunteers, and the team, we succeeded in astonishing all of our visitors, of which the total numbers completely surpassed our most optimistic forecasts, despite a summer of capricious weather. It is quite the exploit that we accomplished – this was only made possible with the outstanding support and dynamic nature of the region that carried this project with us all the way through. It’s simply fantastic!” shared Mrs. Lise Cormier, Executive Vice-President and Director of Mosaïcultures Internationales de Montréal.

More than 1,300,000 visitors from all over the planet passed through the gates of the exhibition between June 30th and October 15th, 2017 to come and admire this one-of-a-kind art that paid tribute to the provinces and territories of our country as well as the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador, namely the Anishnabeg Algonquin Nation. The cities of Shanghai and Beijing also joined the celebrations as a token of friendship.

The government of Québec is proud of its association to the most important horticultural exhibition in Canada and to have contributed to its success. This major event surpassed all expectations and succeeded, through its spectacular masterpieces, to have amazed visitors from here and from afar. It allowed for the Outaouais region as well as the province of Québec to shine on the world stage as travel destinations of choice. I wish to congratulate the organizers of MOSAÏCANADA150 / Gatineau 2017 and their local partners for their excellent work.” stated Maryse Gaudreault, member for Hull and Second Vice-President of the National Assembly.

“To have exceeded 1,300,000 visitors means that MOSAÏCANADA150 / Gatineau 2017 has welcomed an average of twelve thousand four hundred visitors each day. The National Capital Commission is proud to have been a founding partner of this memorable horticultural expression of Canadian heritage and culture, including the Indigenous roots of our country and our Capital.” added Dr. Mark Kristmanson, Chief Executive Officer, National Capital Commission.

MOSAÏCANADA150 / Gatineau 2017 would not have seen the light of day without the contribution and the collaboration of numerous partners that supported this ambitious project and to whom we are extremely grateful: Canadian Heritage, The National Capital Commission, Tourisme Québec, the City of Gatineau, the Ferme Arboricole de l’Assomption, CBC / Radio-Canada, The Royal Canadian Mint, Tourisme Outaouais, Gatineau 2017 and Communities in Bloom.

“What a summer we’ve had! MOSAÏCANADA150 / Gatineau 2017 largely surpassed our goals. This success, we owe it to our collective efforts aiming to showcase our City and highlight our talent and pride. Gatineau is the official gateway to Québec and the entire Outaouais region – and it once again, proved that she can be a sought-after destination that has so much to offer.stated Mr. Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin, Mayor of Gatineau.

“MOSAÏCANADA150 / Gatineau 2017 has been the true “locomotive” of the Gatineau 2017 celebrations. Its extraordinary success goes beyond our initial forecasts! The numbers show that more than half of the exhibition’s visitors were tourists and excursionists; many of which have stayed in Outaouais after their visit, generating thus important economic benefits for the region. Outaouais deserves these so-called “locomotives” like MOSAÏCANADA150 / Gatineau 2017! My hat goes off to Ms. Cormier and her team, to all the volunteers as well as each person and organization that contributed to the realization of the memorable event for the region.” added Manuela Teixeira, co-president of the Committee for the 150th of Gatineau and vice-president of Tourisme Outaouais.

Although the exhibition ended today, the beauty has been captured in the Official Album MOSAÏCANADA150 / Gatineau 2017. A true jewel that tells the behind-the-scene stories of the making of each artwork – this publication features 168 pages of our nation’s history told with flowers and natural exquisiteness. It also tells the story of horticultural art since the 18th century and even the secrets of the creation of Mother-Earth are unveiled!

The Official Album is available on-line for a limited time at


MOSAÏCANADA150 / GATINEAU 2017 is a horticultural exhibition presented by Mosaïcultures Internationales de Montréal. Produced for the 150th Anniversary of Canada’s Confederation, the FREE event is located at Jacques-Cartier Park in Gatineau until October 15th, 2017. This exhibition is made possible with the financial support of Heritage Canada, the National Capital Commission, The City of Gatineau, the Quebec Ministry of Tourism, Ferme Arboricole de l’Assomption, Royal Canadian Mint, and CBC/Radio-Canada.


Kim Murray | | 819.328.9110

Geneviève Ménard | | 613.407.2015

Photo : Grande Finale MOSAÏCANADA150 / Gatineau 2017

Photo credit: Sylvain Marier

From the left:

  • Geneviève Dumas, President of Tourisme Outaouais
  • Lise Cormier, Executive Director of Mosaïcultures Internationales de Montéral
  • Sylvie Goneau, city counselor – Bellevue district, City of Gatineau
  • Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin, Mayor of the City of Gatineau
  • Dr Mark Kristmanson, Chief Executive Officer, National Capital Commission.
  • Maryse Gaudreault, Member for Hull Quebec Liberal Party, Second Vice-President of the National Assembly
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