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Our 400 Volunteers Make MosaïCanada150/Gatineau 2017 Flourish

Thanks to our valued volunteers, MosaïCanada150/Gatineau 2017 came to life over the weekend. These people share a passion for plants and flowers, and a desire to be part of this larger-than-life event. In fact, if not for their incredible dedication, never could such an expansive exhibition take place.

With their invaluable help, we were able to welcome more than 120,000 delighted visitors. Their presence on site is essential to help protect the exhibits, collect visitor comments and suggest adjustments. And the team of tour guides is busy rehearsing their Canadian history so as to be able to tell the story behind each exhibit. Take a minute to reserve your special tour.

In the coming weeks, we will be introducing our volunteers in short presentations, portraying the good people who provide their invaluable support.

Thank you to all volunteers!

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