In order to give the mosaicultures a suitable historical cast, and to map out an imaginative journey backward through time and space, a team was assembled and invited to propose themes and images reflecting Canada’s past. These were the members of the team:

  • Luce Vermette

    Chair of the Committee


    Luce Vermette, who holds a bachelor’s degree in art history, and a master’s and doctorate in ethnology, worked in the National Historic Sites branch of Parks Canada, specializing in the history of the material culture of domestic life, and the history of women and immigration. She has enhanced our knowledge of these areas through her research and numerous articles for journals and museums of art and history. Université Laval awarded her the Luc Lacourcière Medal for ethnology in 1981.

    Francis Back


    Historical illustrator Francis Back has provided visuals for museums, historic sites and publications in Canada, Europe and the United States for more than 30 years. A master storyboard artist for the cinema, he has also worked on more than a hundred films and television productions, besides teaching the arts in Canada and Taiwan. The Marguerite Bourgeoys Museum in Montréal honoured him with an exhibition of his drawings, paintings and sketches in 2012.

    Serge Bouchard


    Author and radio-television host Serge Bouchard, who holds a doctorate in anthropology, has made a career of sharing his fascination with First Nations, Inuit and Métis people, the North and French North America, and with the history of women. He has written, or contributed to, more than a dozen books, published many articles and taken part in numerous television programs and documentaries. He won Québec’s Gérard Morisset Prize in 2015 for his contribution to spreading knowledge of Québec’s cultural heritage.

    Jean-Pierre Hardy


    Jean-Pierre Hardy is a research associate at the Canadian Museum of History where he has served as a historian and curator. He was instrumental in the creation of the online Virtual Museum of New France. Holder of a doctorate in history, he is the author of numerous articles and the following books: La vie quotidienne dans la vallée du Saint-Laurent, 1790-1835; Chercher fortune en Nouvelle-France and Jardins et jardiniers laurentiens, 1660-1800.

    Jacques Lacoursière


    Through his writings, lectures, radio and television broadcasts and in films, Jacques Lacoursière has devoted 40 years to popularizing Québec’s history. Such well-known works as the Boréal Express, a history in newspaper format, Canada-Québec: Synthèse historique, Histoire populaire du Québec, and Nos racines all bear his stamp. An officer of the Order of Canada and a chevalier de l’Ordre national du Québec, he has won many awards, including the 2007 Prix Gérard Morisset, an award for disseminating knowledge of Québec’s cultural heritage.

    Frank Mackey


    Frank Mackey spent most of his working life as a newspaper reporter and editor in Alberta, Newfoundland, Québec and England. He was the English-language editor of Horizon Canada, a bilingual history of Canada published in 1984-87 as a magazine in 120 weekly issues. He is the author of Steamboat Connections: Montréal to Upper Canada, 1816-1843; Black Then: Blacks and Montréal, 1780s-1880s; and Done with Slavery: The Black Fact in Montréal, 1760-1840.

    Danielle Pigeon


    Danielle Pigeon, who holds a master’s degree in arts studies, has worked behind the scenes in research and documentation for research groups, museums and documentary films. She has also served as a script writer, assistant director and director of documentaries. She is the author of several articles dealing with architectural, heritage and historical matters published in various periodicals and has contributed to monographs on these same subjects.

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